Digital Enclosure

Today we live in a world of Big Data. Tracking our behavior and actions takes place on a daily basis. Usually, we don’t realize that data (digital footprints) left behind on digital devices are being collected. In the interactive installation ‘Digital Enclosure’ the authors translate this virtual process into a physical experience of an active system, which locates human presence and interlocks it into its data base.

Created with Daan Kars, this work was featured on Patchlab festival 2014 in Krakow Poland.

Modular Stage Design

Using TouchDesigner, Resolume and VDMX we supplied the C.R.A.F.T. and Damaris festivals of visuals.

Vier Vrijheid Tour Drenthe

I developed the software for an installation where visitors can record their own video message. The resulting videos were used in the celebration of the 5th of May, where the Dutch celebrate the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. On this picture you can see our prime minister Rutten during a visit to Assen.

The installation was commissioned by Collabo Media. To look at the videos go to

Spoken Art

The dutch collective A Happy Family invited me to speak at Spoken Art, an evening where 6 artist explain their work in 10 minutes. It was a lovely evening an I met a lot of inspiring people.


I played with audioreactive, generative visuals at the kickoff party of the Soulfood music label in Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht. I used my openFrameworks-VJ toolkit 'Connector' for this.

Coded Matter(s)

Coded Matter(s) is a new series of events created by FIBER. The visual identity of the first event is generated with a custom built application in OpenFrameworks. The application allows the user to shape the structure, color and behaviour of the generated forms, and export images up to 300 DPI A2 format.

You can view the code on GitHub

See the gallery

VJ Sculpture

Daan Kars and I built a sculpture to use as projection surface. We used it for the first time at the afterparty of Cross Culture Festival in Utrecht, in collaboration with Rauw, Setup and Tivoli.

It was also the premiere for Connector, my very own modular VJ programming tool. I am planning to opensource this project, so more on that later.

Kinect Director

Kinect Director is an application built with openFrameworks that allows the user to import footage recorded with a Microsoft Kinect. This includes both the depth feed and the RGB video feed that can be recorded by this device. Users can then influence the appearance of the footage, the position of the footage in 3D space and the position and orientation of the camera. Finally, users can render complete scenes to be imported into video editing software.


'Repeat' is an interactive installation, which uses the Kinect to create a realtime 3D video delay. Because the depth data for every frame is saved, delayed instances of people can obscure other objects.

'Repeat' was on display at Maison d'être, an art/food/music event held at the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam.

Particle Aggregation

This small project revolves mainly around experimenting with a new workflow. The structure you see is generated using openFrameworks and the geometrical data is written to textfiles. The textfiles are parsed using a Python script inside Cinema 4d and are represented as spheres. After rendering the scene in Cinema, After Effects is used for color correction.


My interactive installation LINK was featured at the Born Digital exhibition in De Vrijstaat, Utrecht. LINK finds its origins in ∆, it uses the same technology but visually encourages different interactions.


I recently worked on a project called "Transit" with Myrthe van de Weetering. It's a theatre production about personal conflicts and involves a live ensemble with electronics and hybrid audioreactive visuals. I was responsible for all of the visuals, and I also took care of the posters, flyers and website.

Syesthetic Calcultor

This project is an attempt to illustrate the personification of numbers and their associations with a specific gender, colour, shape and sound. The actor / viewer controls the projection of 100 videos through the use of a calculator. Every calculation and result produces a new sequence built up from a range of corresponding videos.

It is up to the viewer to associate numbers to tell his own mnemotechnical story. The repetition and oppressing rhythm of the visuals impress on the viewer as a new way for memorizing large numbers.

This project was a collaboration with David Genco:


Meander is an ongoing project in different reincarnations. The basis is an image-generating algorithm inspired by pseudo-random number generation and flocking behavior. Thousands of small particles are emitted from your fingertips, steered by the forces in the randomly generated flowfields. As the particles leave their trails, unexpected patterns emerge and painterly landscapes reveal themselves.

Try the applet at OpenProcessing

Download the app for iPhone or iPad

▲, pronounced Alt-30, is a work that challenges its players to find and test the thresholds of the piece, as well as their own. Through playfulness and curiosity it will invite you to stretch the limits and you may find and learn what 'threshold' really means for you.

I was lead developer for this project and it was featured at the Freemote festival.


L-systems make use of simple rules and recursion to create beautiful lifelike art. The output is completely controllable and can be anything from a regular tree to an abstract mathematical form.

You can grab the code at GitHub.

Humanity House

I did an internship with nr37 (Leo van der Veen) where I was a technical asisstant at the Humanity House in The Hague. Lots of soldering, Arduino’s, Max/MSP and RFID tags.